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Eat Shop Play - Core Espresso on Darby

by Debbie Newton February 18, 2016 0 Comments

Eat Shop Play - Core Espresso on Darby

Gone are the days when I head out to a café for the sole purpose of consuming good food and coffee. As an interior designer I look for cafés that are styled and designed in such a way that enliven my senses and make my love of eating out a truly all encompassing experience.

It is said that we have five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight & sound – and there is
one café in Newcastle that evokes every single one of those senses for me. On the
bustling street of one of Newcastle’s best known café strips - Core Espresso on Darby is the café that makes my heart sing and tugs at every one of my senses as I step into it’s relaxed, unassuming and stylishly understated interior.
From the varied seating areas, to the food on offer - this place has thought of it all.
Whether you want to get amongst the hustle and bustle and devour an espresso out
on walkway on Darby Street with your beloved pooch, or, if you simply want to sit
indoors, read the local paper and enjoy the beautifully designed and unpretentious
interior whilst sipping on a smoothie - you can! If however, you would like to escape
from the hustle and bustle of Darby Street altogether, then head out the back to the
courtyard where the sunshine, water feature, artwork, funky tunes and cushioned
bench seats implore you to relax and take some time to chill out to take in your
surrounds and enjoy the freshly prepared food on offer.
The beauty of this place doesn’t stop at the design of the interior and exterior. The
staff are friendly, full of life, and passionate about every aspect of Core Espresso and
the service they offer to their patrons - I believe this to be a true testament to the
environment they work in.
Do yourself a favour next time you are in Newcastle, and tantalize your taste buds
with the delicious wholesome food on the menu, coffees, teas, smoothies & cold
pressed juices that Core Espresso on Darby has to offer.
Core Espresso Address: 164 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300

Debbie Newton
Debbie Newton


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