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New Website Design

by Chris Pana September 06, 2015 0 Comments

New Website Design

I’m Chris Pana, co-founder and head honcho of all things technology at Kreo Home, I’m the guy who makes things work, the technology that is (and sales & marketing), I’m a geek at heart and love sharing stuff with people. Over the last few months, I’ve been working on Kreo Home’s new website and I’m proud of what has been achieved so far and thought it were high time to share the process with anyone who dares read on in the hope that it inspires those who may be at a crossroad contemplating taking a similar step forward or for those considering on taking the leap into a newly refreshed website or taking the leap into opening one full stop.

Either way the hope is you’ll take action and begin your own journey or share the story with others.

The Goal

The key goal for the new build was to offer a different experience to all other home-orientated stores to be one that people will enjoy visiting and are drawn in by the experience each time they visit the Kreo Home shop front.  I've noted below a few key ways I believe this will be achieved:

  1. Simple and clean user experience, make good use of white space, imagery, colours that pop, focus on the way the website behaves with human interaction, colour fades, image transitions etc.;
  2. Offer a consistent experience no matter the device being used, make sure it looks the same and behaves the same across them all;
  3. Make good use of photography, images and detail that jumps out when you first visit to when you’ve finally checked out in the hope customers keep coming back!;
  4. Ensure the content is unique, relevant, succinct and punchy, you don’t have time to read slabs of text appealing to those on the go and you’ll generally be visiting us from your iPhone or equivalent mobile device anyway; and
  5. An obvious elephant in the room 4th, a quick and snappy server response, which is of course secured by best practice security & related technologies.

Google Analytics your saviour

A key area that needs your fullest attention is your Google Analytics, I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t have this setup or have no clue then get one, you’re missing out on all the fruit metrics and stats will bring, in particular who your customers are and the browsers / technology used to browse your site. I’m only scratching the surface on the insights Google Analytics brings, however this is one area to focus on in the abundance of data Google Analytics brings to anyone managing and maintaining their own website.

So it was abundantly clear that Kreo Home’s customers love a ‘retina’ display making up the vast majority of who shop with us so we answered their prayers, the result of this has been phenomenal and takes advantage of both smartphone and laptop / iMac resolutions, all other technologies just fall into line and offer no less an experience, the experience visually is just better on an Apple product given their proprietary display technology; something to also consider.

Photo's and images

Photo’s and landing page images in particular that quickly and easily offer insight into your products is crucial. Where I feel we let ourselves down in our previous web design was the design didn’t allow for large images despite our attempts to overcome this, so we took this into account and this immediately became a requirement for the new site.

Ensure the perfume of your brand is experienced everywhere, a style / brand guide is the best way of guaranteeing this however in the absence of one, think about how the colours, fonts and overall look & feel reflect your brands essence.

Keeping the file size of images down is crucial to ensure the performance of your website remains very responsive for those visiting your site. This can be one of the key single decisions causing people to leave your website if it's clunky and performing slowly, this is worsened if you use plugins in and around the site i.e Contact us tabs etc. so keep this in mind.

Above all, make every effort to be different and to stand out, keep pushing yourself and your technical resource(s) to deliver a unique experience that I too hope, your customers will keep coming back to visit YOU, time and time again.

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Chris Pana
Chris Pana


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