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Greywing Mattresses - A Bright Day Starts The Night Before

by Maggie Pana March 22, 2016 0 Comments

Greywing Mattresses - A Bright Day Starts The Night Before

Are you on the hunt for the perfect mattress? I know I was when I was setting up 'The Kreo Holiday Home' project! I wanted to make sure my guests would have the best nights sleep as there is nothing worse than being on a dream holiday and having a bad nights sleep! But the problem is there are so many options... which one do I choose? Can I test it? What if I don't like it? Is it Australian made? I was pulling my hair out, until I discovered Greywing! All I can say is wow wow wow!!!! Here's why....

  • Bouncy LatexLatex exists in nature as a milky fluid in 10% of all flowering plants. Modern technology has turned it into a breathable, bouncy foam. We chose it as the top layer to allow air flow and freedom of movement in the mattress.
  • Contouring Memory FoamOnce a technology only used for space exploration, memory foam is the magical material that allows Greywing mattresses to contour to your body. Memory foam evenly distributes your body weight, creating a floating sensation for an exceptional sleeping experience. 
  • Firm FoundationThe foundation is made of high density foam to provide firm support. It also allows the mattresses to be used on most surfaces including boxsprings, slatted frames or just the floor.
  • Temperature Sensitive CoverOur special finishing touch, the temperature sensitive fabric keeps your body at the right temperature throughout the night, making sleeps more restful and your mornings far brighter.
So as it went, I nervously waited at The Kreo Holiday Home based in the Mornington Peninsula, for my new Greywing mattresses to arrive, each mattress was delivered in a golf bag sized box! Yes, you heard correctly...a golf bag sized box! For a minute I way this is going to be comfortable! How wrong I was! So get this, Greywing mattresses are compressed with vacuum sealed systems and once opened the mattress it will expand to its full size almost instantaneously, making it a fun process to watch! Check out the video below to see the magic unfold.

    Pretty amazing huh? And it doesn't stop there! These guys stand by their product that much that they offer 100 nights to try your Greywing from the day you receive it. If you decide the Greywing is not perfect for you for whatever reason during that period, reach out and contact them and they will arrange a pick-up from you at no additional cost (yes free returns!). Better yet, they will donate your returned mattress to a local charity, and refund you 100% — every cent. Epic! Amazing! 

    A mattress, in a box, on a bike... Say what?! How cool is this?! If you live in inner Melbourne you can have your Grewing delivered to you in an eco friendly manner! Not in Melbourne? Not a problem! Greywing will have your purchase despatched within 2 days by courier... did I mention free delivery Australia wide? These guys really know how to make their customers happy!

    Greywing offers a range of sizes to suit your lifestyle - Single, double, queen, king & king single! The mattresses are suitable for all hard, flat surfaces including - On the floor, slatted base or a box ensemble. Click here to shop the meticulously engineered and crafted in Australia Greywing mattresses!

    Greywing have proudly sponsored The Kreo Holiday Home project with their amazingly comfortable mattresses! Our guests will never want to leave, and I wouldn't blame them! After testing these mattresses out myself, I have to say... Greywing really live up to their motto, 'A bright day starts the night before...'

    Maggie xx

    Get Comfy With A Special Offer:

    Use the code KREOHOME over at Greywing to receive $50 off your new mattress!

    All images and video courtesy of Greywing.

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    Maggie Pana
    Maggie Pana


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