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Ziporah Lifestyle - Making The Bathroom a Work Of Art

by Maggie Pana September 15, 2016 0 Comments

Ziporah Lifestyle - Making The Bathroom a Work Of Art

We are super stocked to have Ziporah Lifestyle hit The Kreo Holiday Home! Our stunning main bathroom has been graced with the 'Vulcan' floor rug and let me tell you it has brought so much luxe to the space! 

Think of a full day by the beach, swimming, sunbathing, sipping on champagne followed by a dreamy bath with candles and a good book. Then finally stepping onto the unique softness of the designer 'Vulcan' floor rug.... Mmmmm, bliss!

Ziporah Lifestyle designs are striking, unique and deeply indulgent and you won’t find anything else quite like them. Ziporah take only the highest quality materials and carefully select artisan manufacturers from around the world to create them. They are all about that touch of opulence that elevates the everyday. 

Ziporah Lifestyle bath rugs are the ultimate in luxurious bathroom mats! Not just for the bathroom, their unique designs and striking colours create a real style statement wherever they are placed - bedroom, living space and kitchen included!

Created to add a touch of designer luxury, our super soft bathroom rugs are part of the Novus Luxuria Collection. Inspired by the mosaic tile and artistic geometric designs from ancient Rome, the Vulcan rug is ingeniously woven with high quality ring-spun cotton and authentic Lurex threads  which will bring a unique shine and sparkle to your floors. Gold, silver and copper metallic Lurex fibres are combined with neutral or pastel colours to ensure your floors remain on-trend and distinctly individual.

This gorgeous floor rug comes in two different colour ways, the 'Vulcan' or the 'Vesta' (as pictured above).

Designed in Melbourne and woven by a family-owned weaving mill in India, Ziporah Lifestyle floor rugs will feel sumptuously soft and remain firmly in place as each rug has a Latex backing which will prevent it curling up or slipping on smooth floors. Wash and dry me gently and I will give you years of fashionable service!


Premium 2300 GSM quality ring-spun cotton

Woven Lurex ™ features

Latex, non-slip backing

39.4 inches x 34.2 inches

100cm height x 87 cm width

Here's the bonus......

All online orders receive a complimentary luxurious gold Ziporah Lifestyle shopper bag!

Click here to shop the amazing Ziporah Lifestyle range!

Maggie x

All images courtesy of Ziporah Lifestyle.

Maggie Pana
Maggie Pana


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