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#KreoLovesLocal - Typography

by Maggie Pana January 27, 2016 0 Comments

#KreoLovesLocal - Typography



  • The style and appearance of printed matter.
  • The art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.

Typography is something that we all love, it's way of inspiring us, making us laugh and making us think. Let's take a look at what some of our locals are bringing into your world of words.

'Time spent dreaming is never wasted' - I cannot agree more with this print by @thedreamlife_design.

'Hang out fall in love' - Hang out and fall in love with grid cushions by @me_and_zebedee (can't seem to find where the print is from...sorry)

'You're all I ever wanted' - Adorn your child's wall with this moving print by @silentlittlewhispers, featuring cushion from @cover_me_sweet, wooden mountains by @luca_and_johnny and candle by @amalisoycandleco.

'They tell me love is blind but  see you...' - Bring a love story to your walls with this print by @urban_decor_homewares.

'Breathe you got this' - @zindi_pots has the right idea, have faith by @almacustomdesigns and a reminder to breathe from @blessedeleven.

'But first coffee' - But of course @woolandwillow

'Go on... adventures, giggle, read, love, create, be kind, imagine, have fun, play, dream, smile, draw' - @milski_designs reminds us to live our lives perfectly!

'Keep it simple' - @gunnandjackson have got a plan, and I agree with is print by @pinkmallowdesigns. Picture by @katembev

Local product of the week


Teaching our children from young to dream big will provide them with the strength and drive to succeed in fulfilling those dreams. Remind yourself, your children, friends and family to never limit themselves. This banner by @madebymeeandco acts as a reminder to that vision.

Maggie xx 

 How to join the fun and play along with #KreoLovesLocal:
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Maggie Pana
Maggie Pana


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