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#KreoLovesLocal - Functional Styling

by Maggie Pana February 03, 2016 0 Comments

#KreoLovesLocal - Functional Styling

We all love 'pretty' things in our home, but ask yourself the question.... Does it serve a function? Is it just pretty? Can I have something that looks pretty and serves a purpose? Yes you can! Check out what our locals are offering.


For those of you that love to cook, @poppetandbutton have an awesome mini tablet stand for those sticky cooking adventures in the kitchen. It doesn't end there... you could use this stand anywhere for different activities, on your desk, watching movies and the list could go on!

Are you sick of the same old glass vase for your blooms? Get yourself a hand sculptured vase by @rachael_swift_design. These vases are truly are work of art and very quickly become a statement piece in your home.

Let's face it, everyone needs a shelfie in their space and @copperandtwine have designed this copper top wall hanger that will make your heart sing! Imagine styling up this baby!

It's grid O'clock with @pine.twine's grid trivet and @_madebybec_ grid clock! We all need to know the time and this clock is oozing style! Function and style wrapped into one!

Kids storage can get very 'same old' but not with's 'Tiny Tidy' storage unit! I'm loving it's minimalistic design as it makes it the perfect fit in any room!

Now this is the bed of all beds showcased in @jazura_ivy's little mans bedroom! The handmade timber house bed frame by @luca_and_johnny serves its sleeping function but also opens the door of adventure and make believe for your little people! Heck, I want one! 

So much hanging pot goodness by @theyellowdrawer! I would love to see these babies hanging in the kitchen window with fresh herbs! 

Jewellery has a way of getting tangled all the time (I know you are all nodding right now), but is offering a super stylish solution... Their amazing accessory stands! I will take 10 thanks!

Well I don't know about you guys, but I have the urge to start assessing whether some of the pieces in my home have a function? How about you?

Product Of The Week.....

Product of the week goes to @style.pirate with this amazing diamond wall hook made by Jayson Wood. Hang your hats, keys, jewellery, scarf or whatever your heart desires! 

Maggie xx

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Maggie Pana
Maggie Pana


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