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Guest Picks For #KreoLovesLocal - Elements At Home

by Kristie Castagna September 14, 2016 0 Comments

Guest Picks For #KreoLovesLocal - Elements At Home

This week Kreo welcomes Kristie from Elements At Home blog to share her fabulous #KreoLovesLocal finds! Let's take a look at Kristie's style!

When Maggie asked me to be a guest on Kreo Home I was all like “Yeeeaaahhhhh, bring it on” and then she said you just need to pick 4 of your fave products from the #kreoloveslocal hashtag and I was thinking “Um yeah, that will be easy” and then I started looking and my fave 4 turned into my fave 34 and then I had to try and cull you talented locals back to just 4 again. Not so easy at all. So please believe me when I say you guys are all so talented and committed and awesome and to choose just 4 was really hard. So now that this is all out in the open, lets move forward and celebrate the 4 I am highlighting below.

1. @aboynamedaaron Mini Prayer Tribes. I am all about the addition of boho or wanderlust into any design. These gorgeous pieces would add reality and life in some of my minimal monochromatic rooms. Think of them like the decorative version of a plant.

2. So my wardrobe consists of black, with black and then a little hint of black and then I am always on the look out for the coolest shoes and an accessory to compliment. How can I go passed the simple but ever so stylish necklaces from @popandpopdesign Seriously cool colours. Now I am trying to find shoes cool enough to go with some of these new accessories.

3. @grimesyandrat Nordic Queen Garland. 2.5m and 60 x 40mm beads can only mean this garland is a go big or go home statement piece. Hang it, Drape it or Lay it. Timber Beads are sticking around for another year peeps. (Home of @bellalulu_styling).

4. @rachelbainbridge_art some simple statement piece plates for my dining table. The soft peach colour compliments my timber and will be the perfect upgrade from copper. Let the copper fade and bring these beautiful hues in as the new soft replacement.

So that is my fave 4 and looking at them all together I see that my mind tends to work with itself really well (not sure why I am surprised, I guess that is my job) I am always of the thought process that you should trust your instincts with what you like and how it will work together. That group of 4 shows me mind is still working even though it tends to only sleep 6 hours a night.

Product of the week....

Now lets get on with Product of the week. I know 4 of my faves was not easy and now I am trying to get down to just 1, but how can I not give big props to my new fave Perth peeps…….. @longest.way.round Luckily I have just chosen some of their incredible aerial photography for a new styling project to be framed by the gorgeous Bree at @kensingtonreflections and I can wait to see how they look finished and on the walls.

Thanks for having me Maggie, I hope your Kreo crew enjoy my mix.

Kristie xx 

 How to join the fun and play along with #KreoLovesLocal:
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Kristie Castagna
Kristie Castagna


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