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Guest Picks For #KreoLovesLocal - Girl Bosses Australia

by Alecia Minster November 16, 2016 0 Comments

Guest Picks For #KreoLovesLocal - Girl Bosses Australia

This week Kreo welcomes Alecia from Girl Bosses Australia to share her fabulous #KreoLovesLocal finds! Let's take a look at Alecia's style!

Hi everyone,

How thrilled was I when Maggie asked me to be a guest blogger for Kreo Home.  I’m such a huge fan of both Kreo and of course Maggie.  When she spoke at one of our events last year I had one of those ‘Insta Fan’ moments, and rushed to give her a hug! Lucky for me she is amazingly cool and hugged me back!!

I’ve chosen the following products from the #KreoLovesLocal because I love them too. I might shoot a link of this blog post to my husband for Christmas gift Ideas?

From left to right

Top four was really hard to choose as there are so many talented creators out there, but @rachelbainbridge_art’s resin platter and dinner ware is stunning. These are from her 'Sand & Sea' collection. Rachel creates dynamic, abstract original artwork and homewares that is full of energy and depth.

Three favourites in one image, @hollyjacksonart’s beautiful tie dyed fabric sets the scene for the @bonmaxie earring mount and just to show off more simple style the board is adorned with a pair of earrings from @minimalist.jewellery.

Love a bit of fruity fun. These gorgeous earrings from will brighten our outfit and day. Wahboo was created when Tamra realised she wanted comfortable, bright, fun, affordable and great quality accessories in her wardrobe as well as yours! Wahboo researches the latest trends and draws inspiration for its collections from the amazing tropical surroundings of North Queensland. 

Clutch purses for days! Bring it on. Marayna from @kenziecollective started off by making accessories (earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets) and selling them at the local markets, in Townsville. She created both Facebook and Instagram accounts and sold directly through the sites. It wasn't long before businesses started contacting her in regards to wholesaling. 

Product of the week goes to.....

@moytasmania! I am a huge fan of MOY Tasmania and am fortunate enough to have my very own little clutch.  This gorgeous tote is perfect for everyday use, off to a meeting with my laptop and notebook, nothing but stylish! 

X With Hustle & Heart, Alecia

 How to join the fun and play along with #KreoLovesLocal:
  • Tag your work (or the work of someone you adore) with the hashtag #KreoLovesLocal on Instagram (Currently over 20.2k hashtag posts)
  • Loop in and follow Kreo Home on Instagram
  • Hit the blog every Wednesday to see if you’ve been showcased! It's that easy!

Alecia Minster
Alecia Minster


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