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#KreoLovesLocal - The Collectables Edition

by Maggie Pana September 08, 2016 0 Comments

#KreoLovesLocal - The Collectables Edition


plural noun: collectables
  1. an item valued and sought by collectors.


I love to collect pretty things for my home and my lifestyle....Are you the same?

From left to right

How can you even go past this stunning little handmade gems by the very talented @aboynamedaaron?! I'm going to go broke collecting from Aaron's range!

I love jewellery! But hey, what woman doesn't? Here's a stunning way to display your pieces... the original marbled jewellery cones by @thehuntedhomewares.

Remember how I said I love jewellery? Well get a load of this gorgeous piece by @rubybluejewels! Need! Want! Must have!

Not only is jewellery my weakness, like this necklace by @pollycollective, I also have a weakness for candles! How good is the 'Damn Girl' candle by @kmbandco?!

So tell me... What do you like to collect? 

Maggie x

How to join the fun and play along with #KreoLovesLocal:

  • Tag your work (or the work of someone you adore) with the hashtag #KreoLovesLocal on Instagram (Currently over 26.5k hashtag posts)
  • Loop in and follow Kreo Home on Instagram
  • Hit the blog every Wednesday to see if you’ve been showcased! It's that easy!

    Maggie Pana
    Maggie Pana


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