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Guest Picks For #KreoLovesLocal - Mums With Hustle

by Tracy Harris March 01, 2017 0 Comments

Guest Picks For #KreoLovesLocal - Mums With Hustle

This week Kreo welcomes Tracy from Mums With Hustle to share her fabulous #KreoLovesLocal finds! Let's take a look at Tracy's style!

Being asked to share my top picks from the #KreoLovesLocal hashtag was a total pleasure for two reasons:

1) I have been a fangirl of Maggie and Kreo from the day I discovered Instagram.

2) Ummmm it was like a total rabbit hole of enjoyment because the products being shared under this hashtag are stunning and so unique! Total fun!

Okay. So here are my top 4 picks with reasons why I love em! 


So I always thought I’d end up living in a major city. In fact, I wanted nothing more than to live in right in the heart of Sydney or possibly the Eastern Suburbs but finding out that we were expecting our first baby in 2013 made us change our minds in an instant! Crazy, the clarity that impending parenthood can bring, right? Well, we decided that the small town/country was more our scene. Go figure. Now I’m all about supporting local, knowing store owners by name, visiting our Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning, attending local events, I love hearing my neighbours sheep and the hundreds of native birds in the morning. I enjoy taking a walk along the river and stopping at the playgrounds along the way with our boys. I love hearing our church bells sound every quarter of an hour and breathing in the quiet air of our “almost still” country town. So yep. This image of this magnificent beauty by @stephaniebuckmanphotos, caught my eye and made me feel at home.


@stanadesigns shared these beauties from @onehappyleaf. I love the idea of sustainable fashion pieces. I also have a growing affection for plants, so these designs were an easy stand out for me! Naturally, once I’d found this image I clicked to discover the awesomeness that @onehappyleaf creates! Super cool pieces that will have everyone asking, "where’d you get that from?” 




The simple act of lighting a candle can make me feel chilled and at ease. Truth. I already own one of these candles by Melinda at @bulburaplantdesign and seriously, I think the best way to describe it is that it smells like a holiday I can’t afford (yet!). I have the coconut and lime scent and it’s divine. Friends visit and they comment on the fragrance. It’s a hit with the males too, bonus! 



Confession. I have a HUGE issue with keys being dumped on the dining table or kitchen bench or anywhere really! It’s just a pet peeve of mine and come on, who enjoys the mad hunt for car keys when you are already running late?! So stressful! Anyway, don’t get me started on my hate of keys! I love for everything to have its place (keys included) so just like the swingers do (can I say that? hehe) I like to keep our keys in the bowl! BUT, the bowl has to be trendy. At the moment, our key bowl is anything but trendy! Hence why this gorgeous concrete decor from @ashandlime_perth caught my eye whilst browsing through the gorgeousness that is, this hashtag, #KreoLovesLocal. I need a key bowl upgrade stat!

Pick of the week


So my pick of the week belongs to the Alison and Emma over at @almacustomdesigns. They are always coming up with new ways to bring warmth and love to the interiors and spaces of our homes but this "Alma48 with BeYOUtiful” print is oh so special. I love walking into homes and staring at the photographs I see. I could ask a million questions about a single photograph. Maybe I’m nosey or maybe I just love hearing about the memories and moments that make life grand! I hope my hubby reads this blog post and sees that I’d love of these in our home *clears throat loudly…. nudge nudge! 


I'd love to know what you think of my picks, so don't be shy to leave a comment here or on Insta. Then, go have fun scrolling through the #KreoLovesLocal for yourself! Happy shopping!

Tracy xx

A bit about Tracy....

Hi there! I’m Tracy Harris, chief Mum With Hustle, wife and runner-afterer of 2 tiny humans. I'm an Instagram Strategist, cheerleader of bizmums, content marketer, online community builder, and Podcaster! Come by our website and enjoy the biz building content or be inspired by the biz podcast 

I'm clearly an Instagram lover so come say hi at I can’t wait to connect with you!

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Tracy Harris
Tracy Harris


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