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Kreo Style File - Online Flower Market

by Maggie Pana November 26, 2015 0 Comments

Kreo Style File - Online Flower Market

I love nothing more than fresh flowers in my home and in my studio. The problem is I never seem to have enough time to go out and buy them between running a business, school pick ups, cooking and the list goes on! I know you are feeling my pain right now! Well, I have found a solution! It's called Bloombox Co! The beauty about this business is that you can order online and choose a flower subscription that suits your lifestyle. It's home delivery with a twist as you never know what will be in the subscription box!

Bloombox Co is an online market for DIY flower enthusiasts, that provides tools to teach, inspire and enable creativity through flowers. Together, they’re building a community of flower lovers, florists and DIY enthusiasts.

These guys are putting the creative reins in the hands of women and girls, so they feel confident to style their own botanicals and create beautiful spaces and events for themselves. It’s more about the experience, being in the moment and embracing creativity than the end product.

Bloombox Co want to take that “untouchable” element out of flowers, and that’s why they will never sell anything prearranged! 

How It Works:

Pick a plan

Sign up for a subscription (plans start at $50 including postage) Click here to view.


Unwrap your surprise botanical goodies and discover hundreds of new flowers.

Love, Experiment & Enjoy!

Enjoy your new discoveries, try your hand at their latest DIY tutorials & styling tips, then jump online and share the love with a community of flower addicts by using the hashtag #omgflowers

You can also sign up to relieve the Flower Hacks ebook; a DIY guide to flowers by Bloombox Co! It full of amazing ways to style up a storm with your blooms.

Take the stress out of going to florist, be surprised with a subscription box of flowers by Bloombox Co! 

Maggie xx

Maggie Pana
Maggie Pana


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