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Indulge Yourself With Local

by Jordy Lucas June 02, 2016 0 Comments

Indulge Yourself With Local

In 2015, I started my website with a specific vision in mind: promote and support women who are brave enough to build their own business from the ground up. The site has evolved since then, but everything I write, feature or post still has the notion of “woman power” behind it.

This passion started when I was living in Los Angeles and trying to find work as an actor. Loyal female friends were hard to come by and I had some pretty lonely times over there. Eventually, I found my feet and developed some really strong friendships, which will forever hold a special place in my heart. For it were these friendships that gave me the inspiration to start I Support the Sisterhood.

After moving home to Melbourne last year I kicked this idea into action and have since found so many Australian women who are finding success in their own right. So many of them juggle their businesses with Motherhood or a day job and barely find the time to spoil themselves.

Time taken out to indulge yourself is an absolute necessity in this busy world. So here are some amazing ways you can treat yourself, while treating some local, female-run businesses!

Run a bath and get reading!

Sprinkle some Caim and Able bath salts in the tub and start a new book! For a thrilling page-turner, I love Ausralian author, Liane Moriarty. With one of her latest books being turned into an HBO series, I’m not the only fan!

Photo by Jordy Lucas featured on Instagram

Light some candles and meditate

Grace and James candles are my absolute favourite. Founded by Emma Davenport, the candles are locally produced and smell DIVINE! Light one of these babies, close your eyes and clear that pretty head of yours.

Picture sourced with permission from Grace and James Website

Makeover your closet or a room in your house!

I’m a firm believer in retail therapy.  For some amazing Aussie labels try Kookai, or hire a dress for your next party from The Wardrobe Collection. Check out AndGodfrey Art for some art and style inspiration for a décor makeover.

Picture by AndGodfrey art featured on my Instagram

Take a course

Knowledge is power in this world. I’m currently looking into taking the Secret Bloggers Business course.

Spoil someone else

While it’s great to spend time and money on yourself, it’s great to keep it balanced by giving back to those in need. Keep those good vibes flowing by donating a packet of pads/tampons to the homeless through Share the Dignity or give some dollars to the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

So go get happy ladies and remember, #localisthenewblack!

Jordy xx

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