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The Journey To Finding The One...

by Sarah Anderson February 04, 2016 0 Comments

The Journey To Finding The One...

The journey to finding the one…..

Congratulations, you’re engaged! This is one of the most exciting times in any ladies

life but where do we begin on the journey to finding the dream dress? It all starts with

being open and honest with yourself and listening to your heart and body to find that

perfect fit.

To go on this journey is one that has come from finding love and losing it to finding

your true love, your soul mate and being invested in that love as a couple. This is the

love that is going to be shared with your family and closest of friends and what

makes this so special is that it is a love that cannot be explained, but only felt and

this includes you and the love that you have for yourself in your wedding dress.

Over the coming months, come on a journey with me to find the one, the dream

dress. From the lows of feeling miserable and fat and far too pale to being confident

in yourself in the most important dress that will ever be worn. Together, we will

explore styles that are complimentary to different body shapes, materials including

that are accommodatingly to different climates, colours that look best against your

skin tone with the main focus on Australian Designers.

Let the journey begin…


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Photographer: Kendell Tyne Photography

Dress: Made with Love supplied by Lily Grace Bridal

Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson


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