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I tracked my way to hating health and fitness

by Carissa Karamarko July 11, 2016

I tracked my way to hating health and fitness

Yep, tracked the entire thing. Some of you may be wondering exactly what I mean by tracking (I’ll get to that a little later) for now, I think it’s best to start when my love for health and fitness began.

Here’s the short version – I was unhappy, unhealthy and mentally blocked. I played a lot of sport as a kid, then dabbled in the exercise world on-and-off since that time but hardly anything that could be classes as a “routine”. That’s when I decided to act on this unhappiness and make a commitment to throw myself into exercise and start taking better care of myself.

After going it alone for a while, I started working with a personal trainer who introduced me into tracking my macros. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it is essentially maintaining a balance of fats, proteins and carbs to support your training regime whilst helping you achieve your fitness goals. The crux of the method is that you can fill that macro allowance with any foods you choose whether that be fruits, vegetables, proteins or a little less virtuous indulgence…ice cream, choccies, lollies… all the good stuff, as long as it is within your macronutrient goal for the day.

I’d been weighing, planning and repeating for just over a year when one day I just stopped. Stopped tracking, stopped training…screeching halt. And I ate EVERYTHING. I’d burnt myself out so bad with the burden of being immaculate that my mind simply said “no more”. This lasted MONTHS.

Ironically, being free of my health and fitness regime didn’t make me happy. It made me anxious, frustrated, upset and desperate to get my fire back. I decided I had to fall in love with the process again. Take my focus off getting myself back to elite physical form and impeccable macros and remember how good it feels to be healthy. I decided to fit training in everyday again but in a less structured way through paying attention to how I felt like moving on that particular day and to focus on eating beautiful, nourishing whole foods that I enjoyed. It’s been about 3 weeks since I tried this new process and I’m more fired up than ever. I wake up so keen to get moving and to feel every muscle in my body working and I couldn’t be more thankful. Sometimes all it takes is to just pause and reset.

Carissa Karamarko
Carissa Karamarko


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