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Meet Matt Stewart - Newest addition to Kreo Home Lineup

by Chris Pana March 13, 2015 0 Comments

Meet Matt Stewart - Newest addition to Kreo Home Lineup

Matt Stewart art has exploded in recent months and we couldn’t be happier to be hit by the shrapnel. It’s colourful, it’s quirky and it’s locally made - everything we’re about at Kreo Home!

You may have seen glimpses of Matt’s art prints on blogs the past year and most recently on The Block Triple Threat. And if you’re yet to witness its amazement, prepare to be blown away.

Using aerosol and acrylic paints to create his visual masterpieces, Matt describes his work at “contemporary fine art, with pop art and street art influences” but admits that categorising it is no easy task.

“When I get the question at events of ‘what to you do for a living?’, I find it easier to whip out my phone and show them pics of my art rather than trying to describe it,” Matt says.

Influenced by fashion, architecture, branding and the global street art scene, Matt is a Brissy lad with a heart of gold - naming his partner Anna as one of his greatest inspirations.

“She is an extremely talented and award-winning hair stylist and make-up artist,” Matt explains. “There will always be part of each piece that gains focus from the attitude and funk that is portrayed in what she produces with her clients on a daily basis”.

Matt’s canvas art is extremely textured to give the colours, shapes and pattern a sense of depth when light hits it. His prints are just as beautifully complex. While he uses mostly aerosols and acrylics to create his art, he also utilises charcoal, ink pens, pencils and watercolour paints, depending on the piece he’s working on.

The talented Aussie also works on numerous pieces at a time, with each artwork at a different stage of completion.

“This allows me to constantly be thinking about the challenge of making the artworks work,” he tells us. “Rather than getting bored or frustrated with one single piece at a time”.

We are huge fans of Matt’s work. His iconic Indian headdress print and flamingo pieces are among our faves, but there are a few others that are sure to take your fancy too.

Click here to head to the Kreo store and take a look at Matt’s work.

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