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Meet The Team Behind The 'Fuck' Print! Olive Et Oriel!

by Maggie Pana August 27, 2015 0 Comments

Meet The Team Behind The 'Fuck' Print! Olive Et Oriel!

Well as you know at Kreo we love a touch of attitude! So it was an easy fit to take on Olive Et Oriel! The range of prints not only have a touch of attitude and cheekiness they also have inspiring messages which are sure to create an impact on your walls.

So who is this mysterious team behind the 'Fuck' print.... 

Olive Et Oriel located on the Central Coast of New South Wales is a creative endeavour between Teigan, Michael and their little man, Oscar! Teigan has always wanted to do something design related ever since she was young, it's something she always had a real love and passion for therefore this journey was always going to come to be at some point… And with O coming into their world, he has definitely been a driving force for the team to really focus on that love.

So what inspires this dynamic team you ask? Teigan says "Everything is inspiration… But we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some seriously talented creatives, and we feed off talking to them, new ideas seem to come running at us when we are talking to them, it’s like they ignite a fire in us! And then, from there… it’s even the simple things in our ‘everyday’, colours, patterns, textures, the ocean, the sunsets, and our little man... all the beautiful little things that make up our days inspire us". 

The two most popular designs that Olive Et Oriel is known for are our exclusive marble letter prints. The ‘Marble on Black’ custom letters instantly add an air of sophistication to any home, and just changing one letter completely alters the look of the marble making them fun to create. Another would be their digital watercolour typographic prints and decals, they are just so much fun and have a real whimsical feel about them.

I asked Teigan if people get offended by some of her cheeky prints... aka The 'Fuck' print, Teigan says "It's quite funny actually, people seem to relate to our 'cheeky' prints more than any other, I guess deep down... Away from the politeness of everyday life, they 'get it' and see the humour in those somewhat raw designs".

So what's on the agenda for Olive Et Oriel? Loads!!! They recently released wall decals and wall flags in a fantastic collaboration with For The Love Of Timber which proved to be a lot of fun! Currently there are two designs - 'I Love You So' wall decal and 'Let's Play' flag with serval more designs in the pipeline. So exciting! So stay tuned!

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Maggie Pana
Maggie Pana


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