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Kick-Ass Candle Makers!

by Miyuki Lotz March 01, 2016 0 Comments

Kick-Ass Candle Makers!

There's no doubt about it, there has been a candle-making epidemic that has swept across the Gold Coast in recent times. However, what might seems as a simple concept that could get saturated with back-to-back brands looking the same, smelling the same, being the same,the fact of the matter is quite on the contrary. I find the candle-making business to be similar to that of the winemaking business.

Each merchant has their own signature touch in which they infuse onto their product, giving it a trademark unlike the others. This individualization also helps people choose from a wide range of selections that they feel would better suit the person they are giving it to...much like that of the wine selection process too. Although there are so many more brands of candles I am yet to try, I have one favourite in mind... Lemon Canary.

The fabulous Jasmin runs Lemon Canary. She is a wife, mother of two and one kick-ass candle maker! A reiki specialist, she blesses each one of her products with good intentions. Each one of her candles is soy waxed based, hand poured and she uses only the finest of organic, palm oil free, essential oils. The presentation of her candles is sophisticated, chic and refined. I tend to buy Lemon Canary candles for people who enjoy a bit of luxury in their lives, or for people I have very high respect or love for and want to give them the best. Like a true canary, Jasmin has also added a range of other, intention-based products to her brand. You will also find organic teas, Chakra sprays, crystals, and most recently, body oils now inhabit her online store and studio space. 

Jasmin is also a philanthropist at heart. Each season, she nominates a local charity that she feels passionately about and delegates a portion of her products profits towards a generous donation to her selected charity. She calls this 'The Canary Project'.

By choosing Lemon Canary, you not only permeate your home with the divine scents that are uniquely Jasmin's heartfelt creations, but you also give back to the community as well as feel a part of a movement that evokes happiness into the lives it touches. As Jasmin says at the end of every sign off...'be apart of the #canaryflock.'

Photos courtesy of Lemon Canary.

Miyuki Lotz
Miyuki Lotz


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