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Sarah Elliott of Elliott My Dear

by Debbie Newton March 07, 2016 2 Comments

Sarah Elliott of	 Elliott My Dear

Ethereal. Breathtaking. Honest. These are just a few of the words I would use to
describe the talented Sarah Elliott of Elliott My Dear.

I unexpectedly stumbled upon Sarah’s work by chance whilst exploring the TRADE
market space located within Brooke Street Pier on my travels around Hobart.
I was immediately drawn to her captivating prints – in particular, a piece of hers
called “Moving House” (pictured below). For me, this image was, and still is, an honest
representation of what my life had become over the years, and I felt an immediate
sense of connection, relief & happiness knowing that there was someone out there
who had captured my inner most feelings in the most beautiful and visual way

If you take the time to look at her Instagram page @elliottmydear, you get
a small glimpse into what drives this most talented artist to produce her beautifully
imagined visual interpretation of life and all of the experiences that come with it.
Sarah carefully crafts her original artwork using oil paints, and has been known to
dabble with watercolours. The use of these particular paint mediums give both the 
original artwork and reproduction prints a simplistic, elegant & ethereal finish which
invokes a sense of wonder, beauty & connection from its viewers.

Brooke Street Pier of course is not the only place you can go to pick up one of
Sarah’s prints, you will find Sarah at the world famous Salamanca Markets in Hobart,
or, alternatively, you can always purchase any of her prints, original artworks,
bookmarks and cards from her website directly on

Images courtesy of Elliott My Dear.

Debbie Newton
Debbie Newton


2 Responses

Emma sargent
Emma sargent

March 07, 2016

These paintings are just amazing and so wonderful! The words used to describe them & bring them to my attention from the writer Debbie Newton are hauntingly beautiful! I can’t wait to check out the artist’s website.

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott

March 07, 2016

Thank you so much for your inspirational blog post; you’re a wonderful writer! I feel very touched and I really appreciate your sensibility and understanding of my work. Thanks again Deb! Kindest regards, Sarah xx

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