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Ames Collective hits Kreo Home (and you’re going to love them!)

by Chris Pana March 31, 2015 0 Comments

Ames Collective hits Kreo Home (and you’re going to love them!)

Ames Collective Home Decor Wall Art

Sometimes you just discover brands that rock your world and make your heart flutter a bit. This was certainly the case when we discovered the amazing Ames Collective recently. Their vibe is so aligned with ours that we simply had to stock their products - and we’re beside ourselves to introduce you to them today!

Tess Wilcox is the founder and creative director of Ames Collective and she’s all about looking up and embracing life. Her youthful zest is a little contagious and that energy transfers so wonderfully into the brand’s creations.

Our fave pieces from the Ames Collective range are the colourful Soul Decks. They’re full of attitude, spunk and high-velocity hue - and they’re sure to be a talking point in any space you pop them in (mantle pieces are made for these - and can you imagine them in a kids room?!).

Ames Collective Soul Decks

What also makes them so special is the array of styles and colours you can get them in. There’s motifs, patterns and typography to suit coastal homes, city pads, boho apartments and everything in-between, with just the right amount of grit in each piece to make your space feel a bit hip and happening.

There’s also an international feel in these designs, which is there as a result of the time Tess spends between Australia, London and Barcelona. She is a true vagabond soul and it’s so good to see that her global travels have influenced her creatively and found their way into the products.

“There is never a moment when we should stop growing, questioning, learning, laughing and embracing,” Tess says. “Both personally and professionally. We should always be conduits of creativity. Dirty hands, happy hearts”.

We are so in love with Ames Collective and we have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll fall head over heals for them too.

Click here to head on over to our store to see some more of the amazing range.

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