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Meet Ahoy Trader's Jai Vasicek

by Maggie Pana April 02, 2013 0 Comments

Meet Ahoy Trader's Jai Vasicek


We'd like you to meet Jai Vasicek owner of 'Ahoy Trader', responsible for some of the most delectable handmade crosses are now available at the following link:

From a childhood sailing around the Australian coast, to an adult life of global roaming, artist Jai Vasicek has immersed himself in the vibrant colours and personalities found along the way. 

It’s this passion for the beauty of life that has driven him to create a successful business in the arts - and now a celebrated new shop in Byron Bay, lovingly called AHOY Trader. “My mother says I started drawing circles at the age of one. I would paint portraits of the people that I met, the other boat people, in vibrant colours and surround the pictures with shells and objects from the sea” he tells.

A stint living in Brazil at the age of 21 only added to the cultural melting pot. “When I returned to Australia, I missed Brazil so much that I started to create tiles that looked like they had been fired. I recreated my room with these, and this has led to what I am doing now.”

A mad keen surfer with a penchant for exploring the coast collecting driftwood and seashells, you could say the ocean runs in Jai’s veins and is always an inspiration for his work. “The word ‘Ahoy’ is a greeting and also a goodbye, a welcoming to a place or a port,” explains Jai. “I envisioned a shop that is always changing and visiting different ports around the world.”

Lets us know what you think of Jai and his work, we know you've almost fallen in love already.....

KH xx

Maggie Pana
Maggie Pana


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