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Five Decorating Tips for the Bedroom

by Chris Pana September 12, 2013 0 Comments

The bedroom is a very special place for people. If you live alone, it’s the place that you hide and retire to every day and night. If you’re married, it’s the place where you and your spouse can get away from the kids and the cares of life. It’s a place of sanctuary and refuge, which means that you should take great care when decorating it. Here are five tips that you can use when you’re decorating your bedroom.

  1. If your bed is in the middle of the room, consider spicing it up a bit. Take some curtains (or make your own) to put around the bed and make it your own private domain. If your bed is close to the wall, curtains could be okay as well, you’ll just have to adapt somewhat to where your bed is located. Either way, curtains are a fun and creative way to make your bed that much more private.
  2. If you’ve got an empty corner, put a pedestal over there. That little wooden pedestal will suddenly transform your bedroom into a museum, and whatever you put on top of that pedestal will be the focal point of your room; people’s eyes will instantly be drawn to it. And, it’s something fun instead of just cluttering the tops of your dressers.
  3. New bedding is always a plus. Think about it- if you have the same bedding for several years, aren’t you going to get bored with it? Make sure that you have a couple of sets of bedding to rotate in and out, and splurge on a new bedroom set once in awhile. Changing up the bedding will make your bedroom feel new and refreshed, and everyone likes clean, soft, new sheets.
  4. Pillows are a plus! If you want to add a little flair and excitement to your bedroom, pile the bed with a variety of pillows. Different sizes, different (but complementary) colors, different styles, and different types of pillows piled together can really add some fun to an otherwise quiet style of décor.
  5. Play with lighting. You don’t just have to use the overhead light anymore. Stores offer a variety of different types of lighting: stand up lights and lights that hang on the wall can really add some texture and depth to your bedroom, and it can help you adjust how much lighting you want in your room as well. Overhead lights can’t do that!

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