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Chairs for Decoration and Accent

by Chris Pana September 12, 2013 0 Comments

Ocassional Chair

Often times, we think about chairs as something to sit on, not something to decorate with. Sure, we’ll get chairs that complement our couches, but we don’t often add chairs to other rooms of our homes. Modern home décor has lead to people changing their train of thought about this, and more people are starting to use chairs to add to the “feel” of their rooms.

One of the chairs that people use for decoration is called an occasional chair. Occasional chairs are as functional in purpose as they are by name. As suggested by the name, these are chairs that are only meant to be used occasionally. Occasional chairs are to be used when you have too many guests; instead of using a folding chair or forcing people to sit on the floor, you can use an occasional chair. But, it’s not a chair that’s meant for everyday use.

Occasional chairs are chairs that are wood framed, and they are usually simple in design. They are lightly upholstered or cushioned in a neutral color, which makes them a great addition to any room. Even if the occasional chair wasn’t part of the original furniture set for a room, they usually match a variety of styles. Occasional chairs are supposed to blend in, not stand out. They are often carved and shaped with simple styles.

In some cases, occasional chairs are brightly patterned or visually appealing. These types of occasional chairs are meant to pull out a design element of the room; the bright patterns usually coincide with something else in the room. Stand-alone chairs can be found in more eclectic rooms.

An occasional chair is more of a concept than a specific chair. You can’t really shop for an “occasional chair” at a store; instead, you find a chair of that style for that purpose. Some stores do offer occasional chairs, but these are just chairs that are not part of a set. The term can refer to anything that goes with a set of furniture, but wasn’t purchased with it. You usually find occasional chairs in dining rooms, living rooms, and sometimes bedrooms. They are, perhaps, most common in hotel rooms.

Occasional chairs can be a great addition to any modern room or setup. If you are looking for something different to add to your room, look for chairs in thrift stores and second hand stores.  You can use almost any simple chair as an occasional chair and add a neat feel (and additional seating!) to any room.

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