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Home Decor How-to: The New Costal

by Chris Pana October 06, 2013 0 Comments

Styling your home in a coastal or beach theme is a popular yet tricky scenario; it’s not as easy at it looks if you want to create real wow factor! Avoid some of the more common rookie errors as summer approaches (sand in a bottle, anyone?) and consider our home decor pointers below. They’re going to make your homewares buying and at-home styling an absolute breeze.

Now, we’re certainly not ones for playing it safe when it comes to decorating, so the first pearl of wisdom we’re serving up is to avoid the obvious. Sure, our parents may have gone gaga for pebbles in a bowl and sea shells on walls, but the modern take on coastal decor is a less literal one.

You can create a beach theme quite easily through colour and texture. When considering base colours, neutral tones like whites and creams are your best bets, with hints of subtle blue for contrast. Then, introduce pops of colour through wall art, cushions covers, candle holders and occasional chairs. In terms of texture, think of materials like blonde timber, wicker, glass and rope.

Every space needs visual high and low moments (think zen versus zing), so to avoid an in-room snoozefest, elevate the soft and subdued vibe a beach theme can evoke by throwing in some fun elements. Ourlieu are your besties when it comes to cushions and will give your couch a colour punch it’ll thank you for.

Rooms also need a conversation piece; an item that might be a little left-of-centre. Wall art is a bright and bold way to get chins wagging and is easily transferable between rooms. We’re all for Ahoy Trader pieces; they sport some high-voltage hue and are changing the way we look at the crucifix, but any colourful item you have your eye on is a winner (we love to embrace the unusual!).

Ahoy Trader Wall Art Tiles Portholes Crucifix Religious Gifts

If you avoid the obvious, implement coastal colour, sprinkle with some zing and drizzle in a little drama, you’re on an all stops train to the new coastal - with not a surfboard in sight!

Blog by: Chris Carroll

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