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Allow us to introduce the Dutch Design Chair

by Chris Pana October 21, 2013 0 Comments

Warm weather brings with it more than just the realisation that some folk on public transport don’t prepare for heavy sweat days; it also means the joy and rapture of summer entertaining! And whether you’re sitting around the barbie shooing flies away or parking it indoors with your bestie - air conditioning - seating often becomes one of your most sought-after commodities.

Cue the dreamy music as the Dutch Design Chair saunters into the room. This bad boy is your solution to the ever-awkward problem of which poor soul gets to sit on the floor at your next gathering. Not only is this creation your pull-out companion for house parties and Singstar competitions (it may or may not prevent twerking), but it’s so versatile that it folds out to become an occassional chair, beside table, coffee table and more.

It can even be used on-the-go during picnics, music festivals and other outdoorsy activities, when killer heels make their presence known or you come to the stark realisation that the mosh pit is no longer made for your vintage.

Grab your glasses and let’s get techy as we discuss the features that make this mobile buddy so sturdy. It’s all about the high-quality corrugated cardboard (FSC certified), which is housed in its own compact carry case until you’re ready to flip it out and piece it together (no Alan key required!). Assembling takes mere moments and once up it can hold up to 200kg in weight.

Designed entirely in the Netherlands, this durable Dutch design comes in a variety of colours and flavours to match your decor (or race day outfit) and is so ready to take a beating that even the most determined kids can’t break it down.

Click here to hit the Kreo store and check out the video to see this crafty little critter unfold!

Written by: Chris Carroll

Chris Pana
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