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5 Minutes with Sassy Kandles

by Zoe Alexiades March 14, 2016 0 Comments

5 Minutes with Sassy Kandles

Today we have Susie, from Sassy Kandles on the blog to tell us a little bit about her Melbourne run business.


1.  Tell us all a little bit about yourself and your business

My name is Susie and as well as being a Project Manager for a market research firm I run a hobby business called Sassy Kandles. I make soy wax candles in a variety of styles including:

  • Vintage crystal and glass containers

  • Apothecary bottles

  • Memorial candles

  • Art inspired candles

I’m always on the hunt for the unusual and the beautiful.

2. What caught your interest in candle making and motivated you to start Sassy Kandles?

I had a boxful of essential oils from a previous giftware business which I had sold. I had seen something on TV about making candles and I thought at the time that it looked pretty easy, so I tried it. It actually wasn’t as easy as I thought and it turned out that I couldn’t use the oils that I had because they were not wax friendly,
however by the time I learnt that, the journey of trial and error had begun and a creative hobby was born. I also loved the creative process and outlet…plus I found working with soy wax very relaxing…it was win/win for me!

3. What is your favourite thing about running a small and local business?

Being part of the local handmade community; Meeting other creative and local people. Seeing all the creative ideas and products and of course…using the barter system.

4. Any advice for small businesses out there?

Be passionate, be creative but also be realistic. Keep an eye on your costs, your market and your customers. Always go over and beyond with your customer service and take creative risks.

5. Who are some of your biggest inspirations in the field of art and design?

My inspirations include, but are not limited to, surrealist art and nude art. (Kahlo, Dali, Rivera) My inspirations vary from photography to art to books. It’s not limited to ‘art’ and I can be inspired by a colour, a print, a texture or a nuance.

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Zoe Alexiades
Zoe Alexiades


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