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Take 5 With Baby Bears

by Zoe Alexiades May 02, 2016 0 Comments

Take 5 With Baby Bears

Today we have Kel from Baby Bears on the blog to tell us a little bit about her Melbourne run business and how she balances work and being a mum.

1. Tell us all a little bit about yourself 

I'm Kel, I work from home in Melbourne around baby Harrison's naps. I have 4
months of maternity leave until I return to my day job as a Police Officer, which I
have been doing for over 10 years.

2. What caught your interest in creating prints and where did you learn your

My Husband is a graphic designer so this started by me harassing him to help me
make prints for our home when I couldn't find exactly what I was after to purchase.
With time, we had friends and family asking to make them prints and it grew from

2. What motivates you the most? 

I think I am mostly motivated by happiness and a sense of achievement. I love
getting positive feedback. When someone has a quote or words they want on paper
and then I make them beautiful. When I get feedback about how much they love it
and how much it means to them, it makes me happy and drives me forward with
new ideas and a desire to create further happiness. 

 3. How do you balance running a business and being a mum?

At first my business filled time gaps when Harrison was sleeping, however as he
gets older and sleeps less, I need to manage my time. 1 day a week Nana babysits,
whilst I focus on getting orders prepared. My daily struggle is trying to be present
100% at home but remain active on social media. Sometimes I feel guilty for being
on my phone when my son is awake. Pre-preparing posts and post scheduling is my
next step to try and keep by business and mum balance in check. 

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My goal is to be working part time as a police officer still and part time with my
business. I really enjoy my 'day job' however it doesn't give me a chance to create so I think I need that balance. Within that time frame, hopefully I will have ticked off a few collaborations with some clever Instagram mums.

Online Links:

Instagram: @_babybears

Zoe Alexiades
Zoe Alexiades


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