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5 Minutes With One Little Tag

by Zoe Alexiades June 03, 2016 0 Comments

5 Minutes With One Little Tag

Today we have Jemma from One Little Tag on the blog to tell us a little bit about how her business began.

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I’m a full time mum and I work part time for an investment bank. My passion is creating beautiful spaces for little people, I love textiles and interior design. I love painting and would paint all day every day if I could. 

When and why did you create your business?

One little Tag was born in March 2016 after I decided to create some special art for my daughters room and it just grew from there. I wanted to create art pieces that was not just focused on babies but could work in older children’s rooms too. Helping people create beautiful, magical spaces for their little ones too.  

What is the best thing about running your small business?

I love that I can work around my family and other commitments. Having a creative outlet is a huge priority for me I’m lucky I can combine the two.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations in the field of art and design?

My all time favourite is Kip and K along with Nikki Strange and Design Studio X.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I would love to branch out into a range of textiles and interior products.


Photo Credit: @whimsicalheartstyle

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