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Take 5 With Zobelle Designs

by Zoe Alexiades September 01, 2016 0 Comments

Take 5 With Zobelle Designs

Tell us all a little bit about yourself and your business... 

I am a mother of 4, who enjoys creative activities. I have always had a passion for  crafting and love to sew. Zobelle is a business that allows me to design and create a range of fun, decorative products that I hope people will love to have in their homes or give as gifts.   

What caught your interest in cushion making?

There is such variety in the fabrics available and I love seeing them incorporated into home decor.

When and why did you start your business?

I took the plunge and started Zobelle Designs nearly two years ago. With all the kids at school I felt I had the time to be able to spend on making and running a business.

What is your biggest challenge in terms of running a small business?

Running a business and maintaining a family home means that I am always running against the clock. Trying to find time to work on my designs as well as promote them is the biggest challenge.  Staying organised during busy periods is also challenging.  I also find it a challenge to consistently promote and market my business.

What is the most rewarding thing about running a small business?

I love having a creative outlet for my ideas and skills. Seeing people enjoy what I make is very fulfilling. I also look forward to being able to enjoy the rewards that come with growing my sales, which will allow me to further expand the business. 

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Zoe Alexiades
Zoe Alexiades


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