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About Us


Definition: Kreo (K’r-ee-o) = I Create

Directly translated from latin: unknown but at a guess, hmmmmm….Kreuminon

Direct translation from Cantonese: unknown

Direct translation from Greek: Cold

Vision (V’s-ion) Unusual, quirky and timeless pieces to suit an eclectic audience Kreo home is a homewares philosophy whose sole purpose is to seek out and showcase quality, quirky, and somewhat unusual homewares with an edge, from all over the world as well as showcasing talented Australian designers.

So who’s in charge?

That would be the uber cool Maggie Pana

Her Fact sheet:

  • Proud mum of two girls Helena & Dallas (basically mini versions of her).
  • Wife of Chris Pana (who constantly annoys the shit out of her).
  • Swears like a sailor.
  • Loves colour and quirk (but always dresses in black, white or grey?? That’s because her mind is colourful!)
  • Age…. Let’s just not talk about that!
  • Loves the Grand Prix
  • Hates the word ‘cheers’ used in any other context than clinking glasses together!
  • Addicted to: Online shopping, Netflix and Smurfs Village game on IPhone.
  • Social media guru and totally obsessed with technology.
  • Loves a good party!
  • Adrenalin junkie – her list of jumping exercises includes: skydiving, rap jumping, bungee jumping. Who knows what’s next!
  • Loves skiing!
  • Listens to trance.

The idea behind the brand came as no surprise, Maggie Pana, mother of two and Creative director of Kreo Home, has spent over a decade becoming increasingly frustrated when trying to furnish her home and soon after began seeking out and finding home décor away from the mainstream, with a twist, a personality and above all, unique in some of the most unusual of ways. This led to one of those ‘light bulb’ moments almost like when the apple fell on that guy Newton’s head and just like that Kreo Home was born. Fast forward a little and we arrive at the point where Maggie started her Interior Design course at the ‘Interior Design Institute’ and she immediately found her calling, that thing we all yearn for and it validated everything.

Kreo home should be seen as a platform to support and highlight international and Australian based designers that so often go unnoticed in a heavily commercialised and marketed environment.  Maggie’s belief is that “no matter where or what, if the product is unique, edgy, fresh and can deliver something different in the face of being generic, then it immediately qualifies to become part of our Kreo Home collection and we believe it should be made accessible for everyone.”

The Kreo team believes that just like design, it should be constantly evolving and changing, we believe quite simply that in order to evolve and to grow that you must first become a good listener.  We are always open to your feedback and would welcome the opportunity to read any feedback that you feel sharing as it is through this key principle that we are able to evolve together.

It should be pointed out, that a lava lamp was on throughout the time of writing this and for some unknown reason, we felt it important to highlight that fact... KH xx  

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