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Focus Glass Water Bottle by SUIS

The SUIS 'Focus' Glass Water Bottle - Chrome Lid

Because sometimes multi-tasking is not the most effective way to get things done. Amazing ideas and achievements are often borne out of single-minded determination. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. Let that be your FOCUS.


Suis is about encouraging and inspiring people to drink water. You may invest a small fortune in the latest moisturiser this month, and then maybe a brand new foundation the next. All that may go to complete waste if you don’t keep your skin fed with mother nature’s greatest little miracle. W A T E R. Join Suis in getting out there, staying fit, beautiful and wonderfully hydrated!


By being reusable, Suis water bottles aim to reduce landfill by encouraging less plastic bottle purchases. Being made of non-toxic, non-leaching 100% recyclable materials, Suis bottles aim to provide not only a healthy but environmentally responsible way to drink water.


It is an interesting world we live in. There is a school of thought that states - by labeling water with a certain word, the water will in turn take on the essence of that word. Whether this is fact or fiction, what we know for sure is that our bodies are made of approximately 70% water. Therefore, the water we drink should reflect who we are and what we want to be. The collection at Suis features words inspired by the strong, modern, sophisticated individual. Feel empowered by these words with every delicious sip. Cheers!

Photographer: Sian Egginton  

Stylist: Corina Koch

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