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Keep Life Simple Soy Candle by The Commonfolk Collective

Keep life simple.  Think about what is really important to you and makes you feel good.  

Mindful Message:

Be true to yourself, surround yourself with souls that nourish you, and practise gratitude at the end of each day.  Follow these 3 simple tips through this Earth school called life and keep it simple. 

Commonfolk Candles have 500g of creamy pure soy wax that will give you up to 80+ hours of burning.

Commonfolk Scents:

M A L I  //    Fill your room with coconut and lime sublime. Take me for cocktails on the beach, with a summer breeze and palm trees.

B Y R O N  //   Bringing you warm natural vibes to your tribe, with a creamy blend of almond milk and coconut milk. This offers a subtle scent of vanilla with sweet almond, warming caramel and a mild twist of coconut.

H U D S O N   V A L L E Y   //   A delicious aroma that embraces scents of fresh produce from the valley. A fresh blend of cucumber, mint & ginger with a twist of lemongrass and Persian lime.

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