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Rabbitgirl & Dogman Necklace by Gillie & Marc

Show your free spirit

“You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.” – Isadora Duncan

Gillie and Marc, like their Dogman and Rabbitgirl characters, are free spirits. But what exactly is a free spirit?

A free spirit listens to the call of the wild. They follow their passions and break boundaries. They live in the moment and know when to let go. A free spirit accepts others and loves unconditionally.

Gillie and Marc believe jewellery should have real meaning and represent not only what people want, but need in their lives. So the artists have created a new line of jewellery that encapsulates everything it means to be truly free.

Gillie and Marc’s fresh new line of jewellery is artwork you can wear. So embrace the real you and show your free spirit.

Rabbitgirl - Sterling Silver Pendant

Small: 25mm h  x 14 mm w x 13mm d

Large: 46mm h  x 21 mm w x 17mm d

Dogman - Sterling Silver Pendant

Small: 10mm h  x 13mm w x 12mm d

Large: 20mm h  x 20mm w x 20mm d


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