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Teacup & Saucer by Societea

Be gone, beige Ikea cup. Catch ya, chipped mugs. Later, to the “World’s best Dad” mug that you’re still unsure how you got. Teaware that you’ll want to drink from, swap around, and put other things in.
For those of you who want your teaware to say more than your tea.
Societea. Drink responsibly.

Atlas: Your friends call you a dreamer, but you prefer the term wanderer. You know you’re not lost. In fact, you enjoy the flux.

Ginsberg: You prefer chains made of daisies not gold, and insist on fresh peppermint leaves in your tea. You read three books at once, often mixing up the characters and plots.

Hi, Officer: You’ve got your fraudulent identity down pat. You can speak with any accent on request, and have a diary of alibies to pull from at any time. Naughty.

Nice Coat: Having lots of cats does not make you a cat lady. It makes you a lady that has lots of cats.

Tropic Confuscia: You always get the short straw, bumping into people when you least intend it-barefaced and in track pants– pink ones. Your response is to walk the other way.

Teacups and saucers are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Made from Bone China.

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